They say that high risk means high reward, and I am not sure who “they” are… but “they” are right. It all started with a phone call.

I check my phone and I have an inbound call from Moore Creative Talent. Carol tells me, “Greg I have an interesting proposition for you.” I had been submitted for a reoccurring character on an episode of NBC’s “Chicago Fire” and that if I was interested I need to find my way to Chicago in three days for the audition. High risk, high reward, I kept thinking to myself. Tickets were booked, friends were spoken to, and couches for sleeping were arranged.

I would be auditioning for the biggest casting agent in Chicago, Claire Simon. Needless to say, I was nervous. Between the money spent on the plane ticket, my food and everything else, this was one of those ‘I gotta ace this one’ moments.

From my perspective, the audition went well.   I was informed...

If you are looking for representation by Moore Creative Talent, here are some easy tips to make your submission effective.

Adults: If you are wanting to model please email one picture to  Include your birth date, sizes, contact information and an approximate date the photo was take.  If you have experience modeling, please include that as well.  Most female models are usually between 5’9” and 5’11”.  Males are usually between 5’11” and 6’2”.  This doesn’t mean we won’t consider you if you do not fall within this range but fashion clothes are made for female and male models in this height range.  

Kids: If you have children please email one picture of each child to  Include their name, date of birth, date of the photo taken, sizes and parent/guardian contact information. Please have...

In honor of Back To The Future's 30th anniversary, Moore Creative Talent is excited about some new ventures that we are working on, including this blog!  

Keep an eye on our website as we are adding new tools for talent, writers, producers and casting agents to use.  This blog will include tips on becoming a better talent, how to network, shows that we have seen and so much more.  We will also feature guest writers and showcase our exclusive talent and what they are working on outside of the agency.  

Stay tuned!
Moore Creative Talent

This is something I hear weekly, and I’m sure most voiceover agents do.  We love great voices (duh) but my advice to those who hear this statement is to get some experience.  How do you do that?  Voiceover classes, theater, improv classes, acting classes, etc. Anything that helps you learn how to listen and take direction.  In voiceover, those are two very important skills.  Of course, we generally want nice sounding voices but if you don’t know how to listen to what a client wants, it does not matter what kind of voice you have.  

Listening and taking direction go hand in hand.  As a voiceover talent, you must learn how to listen to a producer or writer and deliver what they are asking of you.  Offering your own ideas or how you think a spot should sound is probably not the best way to get hired back.  Your job is to listen and make that spot sound awesome.  You need to be a mind reader and, as agents, we have to do the same.  We know how difficult it can be but it sure is...

"Tell us a story of murder and mayhem." A lyric from one of the first songs of GLENSHEEN.

We all know the gawkers at the car wrecks on the side of the road. We are all guilty of watching horrifying events unfold as if it was some Agatha Christie novel. The brilliant writers (Book: Jeffrey Hatcher and  Score: Chan Polling) of the new musical GLENSHEEN now playing at The History Theatre, knew this when they began writing it. 

The story of Glensheen centers around the adopted daughter, black sheep, sociopath of the family Marjorie Congdon LeRoy Caldwell Hagen. Please note how many last names she has. Three husbands, two of them dead; one a suicide in response to Marjorie, one a homicide by Marjorie. But no one can ever prove it. This woman is thought to have gotten away with murder FIVE times. She was...