If you are looking for representation by Moore Creative Talent, here are some easy tips to make your submission effective.

Adults: If you are wanting to model please email one picture to  Include your birth date, sizes, contact information and an approximate date the photo was take.  If you have experience modeling, please include that as well.  Most female models are usually between 5’9” and 5’11”.  Males are usually between 5’11” and 6’2”.  This doesn’t mean we won’t consider you if you do not fall within this range but fashion clothes are made for female and male models in this height range.  

Kids: If you have children please email one picture of each child to  Include their name, date of birth, date of the photo taken, sizes and parent/guardian contact information. Please have pictures be of clean faced, plain clothed kids.  As much as we love last year’s Halloween costume that isn’t a picture we will be able to use on our website or when submitting for possible castings and jobs.  

We are always considering new talent and if you submit to us you will receive some sort of response whether we are calling you for a brief interview (it’s not scary!) or if we are emailing/sending a postcard to notify you that we don’t have anything at that time.  If you do not receive anything chances are very good that we did not receive anything.  

We do not accept walk-ins as we are working hard on casting and bookings in our office.

Please give us a couple weeks for processing.   

~Moore Creative Talent, Inc.