The Selfie

In this day and age, technology is all the hype.  We have read many blogs and articles about how technology has affected our business, for better and for worse.  Voiceover auditions at home, self-taping on your phone and the selfie.  The selfie has become the next headshot.  Clients want to know what you look like at that exact moment.  We love it!  Most days.  Here are three tips to providing a great selfie.

Take your time!   

  • When you are first asked for a selfie make sure you know when the deadline is.  Most likely it will be EOD (End Of Day).  Sometimes a project might be more urgent and we need it within the hour. 
  • Look the part!  Read/listen to the details of the selfie.  Is this for a doctor role?  Wear a pressed shirt.  Is this for a basketball player?  Try wearing a jersey.  Always, and we can’t state this enough, always look professional and prepared.  Just because it’s a selfie doesn’t mean you need to send a duck face picture while eating your lunch.  Chew your food, put down the coffee and think about the picture that will represent you.
  • Most of the time we need a nice, natural picture. The client wants to see what you look like this week.   No peace signs!

Selfies do not have to be a selfie!

  • When you need to take a selfie have someone take it for you.  Your picture will be better without your arm stretched out in front of you.
  • Check your lighting. If the picture you or your friend took is dark and grainy, guess what?  It’s going to be dark and grainy for us and the client.  Turn on some lights.
  • The back lens of a phone camera is usually better than the ‘selfie lens’.  Use common sense so the client can see you clearly.  Your pressed shirt, well lit, no duck face picture will look professional and natural. 

How important is your selfie?

  • Important! 
  • It could help you win the job!
  • It could cause you lose to the job.

Bonus Tip: Be prepared and have a couple selfies on hand.  Mark your calendar on the 1st and 15th of each month to take a couple selfies with a pressed shirt and clean hair.  This way, when we call for that last minute picture and you just got done at the gym you are ready to go with a great shot. 

Here are our examples of good and bad selfies. We may have had some fun doing this.  Be nice!  


  Do I really need to explain why the top left won't work?  Good.


  Aaah the duck face. At least we are not seeing a peace sign.                                                 


  Kate? Kaaate!?  Take the hat off.  See what happens to your neck when you stretch out your arm? 



                                                            Peace out!