Looking for Nate

You can’t take the agent instinct out of the agent.  

My husband and I were on a mission.  It was technically a vacation, but is physical labor a vacation?  We had 6 days to make a major change in 3 acres of forest. This was land we own, but it was neglected.  Covering ourselves from head to toe in protective clothing, our “toys” were a weed whacker, expandable pruning shears, a chain saw (gas and electric), an ax, and a rake.  We cut, slashed, tossed, trimmed, raked, destroyed and salvaged.

And then we went to the Leinenkugel Brewery to relax.  

The tour guide, Nate, was an exceptional young man. Clean cut, well spoken, early 20’s.  I asked as many thoughtful questions as I could think of, to test him.   This is where I embarrass family and friends.

“Nate,” I said,” What is the most dangerous job in the brewery?”   

He blinked in surprise. “There are no dangerous jobs in the brewery.”  

“But, Nate,” I protested, “There are safety signs posted all over!” (I think there was a rule that they are not allowed to speak of the tragedies from the past), so he said a glass might get broken in the tasting room!  The tour continued.  At the end we were handed a postcard to send back with our thoughts about the tour and the tour guide.

Guess what mine said?   Dear Nate, are you an actor?  If you are and you come to the Twin Cities to find work, please contact Moore Creative Talent and ask for Carol.

Nate, I am waiting to hear from you.

~Carol McCormick