"Tell us a story of murder and mayhem." A lyric from one of the first songs of GLENSHEEN.

We all know the gawkers at the car wrecks on the side of the road. We are all guilty of watching horrifying events unfold as if it was some Agatha Christie novel. The brilliant writers (Book: Jeffrey Hatcher and  Score: Chan Polling) of the new musical GLENSHEEN now playing at The History Theatre, knew this when they began writing it. 

The story of Glensheen centers around the adopted daughter, black sheep, sociopath of the family Marjorie Congdon LeRoy Caldwell Hagen. Please note how many last names she has. Three husbands, two of them dead; one a suicide in response to Marjorie, one a homicide by Marjorie. But no one can ever prove it. This woman is thought to have gotten away with murder FIVE times. She was finally imprisoned for arson in Arizona and is now released at 83 and living on her own in Tucson. This troubled mess of a human is who I am playing 5 nights a a musical, nonetheless. AND  I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!! 

This is a strange and bizarre tale in Minnesota history, one which has fascinated many people throughout the state for years. I fought hard to win this role. But win it I did, and it is the hardest thing I have done to date. I use my voice every day and with the help of Kate and Tom at Moore Creative, I have been able to become fairly successful at voiceovers and now I'm using my chords to belt out torch songs in GLENSHEEN. It is taking a toll on me, but it is worth every minute and every cough drop. 

I hope you can come see it! We run until October 25th... not long, folks. Come and let us tell you "a story of murder and mayhem." 

~Jen Maren (Exclusive - Moore Creative Talent)

Graphic Credit: Matthew Foster